It all began with simple seasoning of the cut offs from every fisherman’s catch, served by itself as a snack. Poke - 'pronounced as “poh-kay”, is the Hawaiian verb for “section” or “to slice or cut”.


Our modern poke bowls are made of marinated sashimi, vegetables and grains.

Think of it as sushi in a bowl without the fancy price tag, packed with a vibrant array of fruits and vegetables. Our bowls feed the lightest of eaters at under 400kcal per bowl,
but also satisfy gym buffs looking for a great protein fix.


All about that ‘small-batch’ life.

Which is why we receive the freshest produce every morning and prepare them in small batches to serve throughout the day.
It helps us keep our food wastage low, and since food tastes best when it’s made fresh - we’re able to serve up the tastiest bowl of colours you deserve.

Eat colourful!

It’s a simple approach to health.
Fresh, colourful food is packed with the most nutrients.
When you eat a rainbow, your diet is balanced
and your food - super Instagrammable!


War on food waste.

We’re always looking for better, smarter ways to reduce our food waste as a brand and business. We try to use every part of an ingredient so less goes to waste. Aside from preparing our ingredients in small batches to reduce food wastage at the end of the day, we gather the edible, unused parts of our pineapples, cucumbers and kale to make coldpressed juice on a daily basis.


Snack guilt-free. Coldpressed juice, acai bowls and oven-baked treats - made proper, without any nasties.